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Today, becoming and staying organized is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Symmetry Works’ primary intention is to create peaceful and productive environments, so that our clients are able to focus on what they care about most.


Natasja Fischer

There are few things in life that we can control – our environments are one them.
Your environment directly affects how you feel, how you feel directly affects every single aspect of your life.

I know first hand by working with clients, when they reclaim their space, 
they reclaim their time, their energy – and their lives!

To be a part of this shift in awareness, is so rewarding. I love my job!

– Natasja Fischer, The Transformationalist. Professional Organizer & Owner of Symmetry Works

Choose how we can support you best:

  • We Inspire & motivate! We Inspire & motivate! Speaking to groups is a stellar opportunity to connect and educate! We can tailor Presentations and Workshops to suit your needs, your place of business or group.
  • We make a plan. We make a plan. We create a plan of action to help you get yourself organized. Meeting with you at your location or online via SKYPE, we work out all the details, right down to how & where to start, where to shop and what to get.
  • We work together. We work together. We make the plan together, then we work together to reclaim your space.
  • While you were out. While you were out. You may be at the office or the spa or Vegas... The only job you have when you get back is to reclaim your space.
  • We maintain. We maintain. This service is designed for busy clients that embrace delegation! Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly options.

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