‘When you make your environment a priority, you make yourself one.  It really is that simple.’ Natasja Fischer
We offer a variety of Organizing Services & Customized Packages to match your needs and your budget!

    How does your home make you feel when you walk through the door?
    Does it rise up to greet you?
    Is it a place where you can relax? Or is it instant chaos?

    What about your garage?
    Are you able to park your vehicle in it? (40% of Canadians can’t!)

    Projects can start with one room, or you may want to do your entire home! We will help you determine the most beneficial space for us to begin.


    • Garages, Basements, Home Offices, Storage Systems, Space Management, and More…
    • Special Projects – Garage Sale Preparation, Photo Organizing, and Memory Books

    Does your office motivate and inspire you?
    Is your workspace completely clear and clutter-free?

    Are you able to walk in and get right to work?
    OR is it covered with post it notes, to do lists, files, and “other things” that somehow found their way into and onto your workspace?


    • Paper Management, Filing Systems, Office Configuration, Ergonomics, Time & Task Management
    • Contact, File Management and More on Your Computer

    The key component is ACCOUNTABILITY.

    This service is ideal for clients that are more hands-on and motivated to do the work themselves.

    • Meet with you at your location or online via SKYPE
    • Help you define and achieve your goals
    • Provide support and strategies

    To quote the immortal John Lennon: “Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans”.

    This service is designed for busy clients that embrace delegation!  Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly options.

    Go put your strengths to work while we do the same!
    We’ll get that beautiful system of yours back to perfect working order in no time!

    In addition, we also offer the following specialized services:

    Lunch Hour Presentations & Workshops

    Very few people are taught Organizational Skills.

    Speaking to groups is a stellar opportunity for me to connect and educate!
    There is nothing more rewarding than to watch someone walk away from a presentation INSPIRED and MOTIVATED.

    When you RE-FRAME the way you look at your stuff, your environments (and in turn, your life), you are empowered to take on life in a new way!

    Our Lunch Hour Workshops are a fun and interactive activity.
    We can tailor Presentations and Workshops to suit your needs and your place of business.


    Moving can be an extremely stressful endeavour, whether it’s a home or a business.
    Let us alleviate that stress.  We will help you plan and manage your move.

    • Purge & Sort
    • Packing & Unpacking
    • Organize & Set Up

    Should you require additional services like:  Movers, Cleaners, and Storage Facilities –  We will put you in touch with our network of trusted professionals!


    Downsizing is becoming increasingly more popular due to the growing number of people entering retirement age. 

Having to liquidate a loved one’s estate can be a challenging and emotional task to take on alone. When you are grieving, thinking clearly can effect your ability to remain organized and objective. We are here to assist and guide you through this emotional time.

    • Purge & Sort
    • Packing & Unpacking
    • Organize & Set Up
    • Estate & Home Distribution
    • Plan & Assist with Estate Sale
    • Remove remaining unsold goods to donate to the charity of your choice


    This process often starts with using what you already have in your home.  It can involve re-purposing items you already have and/or reconfiguring the space.

    Our REDESIGN’S often take a project to the next level by changing the paint colour – one of the most effective ways to shift the energy of any space!

    P1000475 P1010315DSCI4203P1000379


    We work with Real Estate Professionals and Home Owners.

    Remember the three D’s…

    • DISASSOCIATE – Remove yourself when selling your house.  It’s no longer your home.  It’s a marketable product!
    • DECLUTTER – Remove extra knickknacks and excess furniture.  SHOW OFF square footage and storage!
    • DEPERSONALIZE – Remove the majority of your personal photos.  Buyers are VISUAL and can have difficulty picturing themselves in a home that looks personalized for someone else!

    Choose how we can support you best:

    • We Inspire & motivate! We Inspire & motivate! Speaking to groups is a stellar opportunity to connect and educate! We can tailor Presentations and Workshops to suit your needs, your place of business or group.
    • We make a plan. We make a plan. We create a plan of action to help you get yourself organized. Meeting with you at your location or online via SKYPE, we work out all the details, right down to how & where to start, where to shop and what to get.
    • We work together. We work together. We make the plan together, then we work together to reclaim your space.
    • While you were out. While you were out. You may be at the office or the spa or Vegas... The only job you have when you get back is to reclaim your space.
    • We maintain. We maintain. This service is designed for busy clients that embrace delegation! Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly options.

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